🚚 FREE DELIVERY to ALL LS Postcodes 🍩 Tuck Into That! 🥳

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🍩Things are changing for Glazed and Confused! We are stopping the wholesale and home deliveries 🚚

📝The plan is to still pop up at events around Leeds and take on occasional custom jobs✨ I have taken a job as ☕️Cafe Manager @leftbankleeds which I’m super excited to get going with…the venue is an absolute dream 💒

🚀We started up the project during lockdown whilst I was furloughed, never imagining it could take off quite how it did. It’s time for me to take on a new challenge and be part of a team again. 🌱HUGE thank you to everyone that has supported the business, you’re the best! ❤️ BIG love to all the other small business owners, it’s a tough game 🎯

👀Keep your eyes peeled for event announcements, make sure to come say hi 👋